Tequila the story of passion

¿Betray your own family to stay with the love of your life? This is the situation we are facing “Tequila: A Story of Passion” film directed by Mexican director Sergio Sánchez Suarez.
Tequila is a town in Mexico, where honor is everything. Antonio (Unax Ugalde), a young chieftain respected by all, has an affair with Lola (Daniela Schmidt), the wife of his uncle Vincent (Salvador Sanchez), who is loved and revered by people.

With each lie, Antonio is increasingly involved in a web of suspicion, obsession and jealousy threatening everything in his life.

Overall, the story is not new. Is typical about two young people living an impossible love. However, the plot can be attractive to the Mexican public that tends to be attracted to this type of situation on the small screen, we know that viewers like the melodrama.

However, the film not only focuses on so addressed and love story, because to some extent reflects the prevailing machismo in society in the 40’s.

One of its defects is not completely in depth history of each character, which would have helped to make the plot more attractive and have even led to the connection with them was greater.

But the great merit of this film is in production design. The setting and costume design, made by the director’s brother, Rodrigo Sanchez Suarez, were cared for in great detail and get to make the viewer actually transport the time after the fact.

The cinematography, by Andronicus Gonzalez, is another very welcomed in this film, it is very attractive and catches the audience from the start by its visual perfection.

In addition, actions are another factor that helps this film. Ugalde, Sanchez and Angelica Aragon (although the latter with less screen time than the previous ones), they get fully reflect their characters.

It’s a film that is worth giving a try, it is a sign of how Mexican cinema has begun to improve as far as production is concerned. In addition, as an added, the film manages to remind us of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Alejandra Alarcón Cervantes / Lunes, 07 de Noviembre de 2011 09:46 enlabutaca.com

Panamerican Games Medalist is New Ambassador of Tequila

Queen of the Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011, Cynthia Valdez, was named Ambassador of Tequila.

In a ceremony at the Government Palace of Jalisco, Guadalajara gymnast who won two golds and three silvers at the last Pan American Games, was named as the representative image of the drink of Mexico, Tequila.

Valdez received recognition accompanied by her beautiful mother, as well as Government Secretary Fernando Guzman and the directors of the Tequila Regulatory Council, and then have breakfast with personalities from the government of Jalisco. The governor, Emilio González Márquez, was not present at the event.

“It makes me proud to be an ambassador of Tequila, because if you talk about the Tequila Mexico comes to mind is the representative of our country drink and Jalisco,” Ochoa said.

Regarding the invitation from the International Gymnastics Federation to participate in the 2012 London Olympics, the Jalisco does not hurry, yet expected to confirm this situation as a dream in his career.

“It depends on Mexico, depends on the International Olympic Committee and the Federation, will be waiting (Wild Card). It really is a dream I’ve always had, for two past Olympic cycles, which was Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, so if today gives me the opportunity of London 2012, obviously is an additional motivation I have, but if there is no no matter, I have reason enough to feel happy, “he said.

Of the ankle injury that caused so much controversy, the beautiful gymnast announced that the recovery is going well and appears to be operated, as was said a few days ago.

“I’m much better, right now I’m resting and I’m not forcing my foot, do not enter the same, me being conducted to see how the recovery process and most importantly it is the safest thing is that no operation I was told, “said Pan American medalist.