FIFA U-17 is measured in millions – Brasil in Guadalajara

Mexico to receive for World Cup 2.500 billion pesos in economic flow through three areas: housing, transportation and meals. It is an opportunity to once again position our country as a tourist option, able to organize world class events, especially the blow meant influenza crisis and then the issue of violence.Guadalajara 2011

Since the 1986 World Cup has not held a FIFA tournament with high impact. The latter was the nascent Confederations Cup in 1999, far from what we now mean for the world and the highest governing body of soccer. Today, after the title in 2005 in Peru, interest has grown to the Federation, the media and, of course, for fans.

Today I can inform you that city of Guadalajara revenues are nearly 300 million pesos on average, some more, some less. For example, Querétaro receive 400 million pesos and the city of Mexico, which receive only the final and third and fourth place will get 94 million.

These figures are broken down into the concepts of accommodation, transportation, tours and meals. Without the ability to swell the figure to the 1.2 million tickets offered for sale, which could mean 351 million pesos.

The box office, a great challenge

Fill stadiums is perhaps the biggest challenge, apart from the difficulties of the organization.

The most important commitment of the Organizing Committee is to have a Mexico 2011 World U-17 with full stadiums, where a group stage match will always arrive at least half a stadium and after the second round, more than three quarters of the stadium.

The ceiling at this point is in the first edition of the tournament. The first FIFA U-17 occurred in China in 1985. There, according to figures from FIFA, the average fans per game was 38, 468 spectators.

Succer fans will enjoy Brasilian team in Guadalajara at the Jalisco stadium. This event will over shadow the poor organization of the Panamerican Games 2011 to be held three months after this world cup.