Celebrities $ Tequila

Celebrities keep on adding to the passion of tequila, this is the turn of Carlos Santana who on July 21 became an investor of Casa Noble Tequila.

Convinced that tequila Casa Noble, made its products with value, quality and passion, the legendary Carlos Santana, rolled his eyes at the company and decided to invest financial capital, in order that the product of Mexican origin mainly manufactured for export and can be enjoyed in other countries with the idea that each of its musical notes enjoy every drop of the traditional drink of Jalisco.

Company executives, released Wednesday that the musician has become a partner in the business, but did not disclose the amount of investment made by the native of the land of tequila Autlan de Navarro, Jalisco, and the number of shares involved in the transaction.

They detailed how they originated the approach: “He was looking for a tequila, they contacted us and invited us to interview us identified with what the brand,” said the president of that company Jose Hermosillo.

The leader of the distillery, also talked to THE WEST was in November 2010 when consummated initial talks with representatives of Santana, but it was not until January this year when managers were face to face with artist prior to a concert in Las Vegas. Finally took shape two weeks ago the negotiations and signed the company, leaving it as a shareholder.

He said this union will create greater recognition to the tequila triple distilled and certified organic, as one of the most prized spirits in the world and considered a luxury. ”

Due to its many commitments as agreed upon earlier, the guitarist could not be present at the announcement, but days before he visited the tequila and left a recorded video that welcomes membership of the company: “We joined because I love this tequila.’s passion, dedication and integrity that has to develop its Casa Noble Tequila, was what attracted me, I feel like my own home, with my new family, “said the interpreter.

Made to society are expected worldwide growth of the tequila company for the display as an important voice in the music world once strengthened even contemplate winning the Asian continent is considered to them a major challenge for the discerning consumer who demand top quality products to taste.

To highlight the union, in each of the boxes was printed angel representative Carlos Santana and his name on the right side, both in silver. Also in the bottle hangs a small purple label, which reads: “integrity you own feel and Its own taste” (integrity has an air of himself and his own taste) as well as the section of bassist. The product with the insignia is already marketed in liquor stores.

The executives said they were starting to plan a series of events which aim to further dissemination of this partnership will undoubtedly be a success.

40 years and many albums later, Santana has sold over 90 million albums and reached the hearts of over a hundred million fans in concerts held all over the world.

Carlos Santana is passionate about everything related to nature with the rich history and cultural heritage of tequila, which is why it was interested in joining this society was formed on 11 July.

To date, the artist has won 10 Grammy awards, among these nine for a single project, the album ‘Supernatural’, 1999 (including the award for Album of the Year and Record of the Year for ‘Smooth’).

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