Trips to Tequila

Ultimate Experience: Tequila From the Heavens

Experience Tequila Fields from the heavens

Hot air Balloon on Tequila fields

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Tlaquepaque and Tequila Distillery

Cellar at Rio de Plata Distillery

Cellar at Rio de Plata Tequila Factory

Discover the process, development and secrets of tequila making. Hacienda Río de Plata has been producing some of the best tequilas in the industry since 1943, this makes it the oldest tequila factory in the Guadalajara area, the heart of the appellation of origin. Enjoy tasting tamarind margaritas, tequila tasting from blanco, reposado, añejo 100% agave. After these happy moments, ride for five more minutes to down town Tlaquepaque to experience the magic of mariachis at one of a dozen first class restaurants.

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Tequila Trail Tour

Tequila Trail Tour

Tequila Trail Tour

We are in the birthplace of tequila. Be among the first to discover an archeological site with rounded pyramids dating back +2,000 years. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, we will walk on these ancient buildings before we move on to experience the magical town of Tequila visiting at least one tequila factory.

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